Saturday, November 14, 2015

Holiday Visitors

As the owner of my own paranormal team, I get countless calls from perspective clients about paranormal activity that seems to increase after the birth of a baby or people who experience activity during the holidays.

If you watch the TV shows then you might think that all paranormal activity is bad and in some cases it is. But in all my years of investigating, I've found that deceased family members still like to attend major family events.

Just because someone has passed away doesn't necessarily mean that they can not come back and visit from time to time. It's like anything else. In life, family members go crazy over a new baby or seeing sons, daughters and grandkids marry. Most families enjoy spending the holidays together as well.

According to psychics and mediums, dieing is just a moving on of sorts. Although we do not continue on in physical form as our bodies no longer act as a conduit for our souls, we do have the ability to move about in spirit form. That ability includes visiting those we miss.

During the holidays when families get together, it is not a far fetched thought to think that family members who are deceased also join in on the celebrations.

I have had many psychics on my team tell me that I literally have a full house during Thanksgiving and Christmas and that includes both the living and dead.

While setting a plate out at the dinner table for a deceased relative may seem over the top, there are cultures where people do leave food offerings for their long dead relatives. It's not only on Dia de La Muertos either.

In past times in China, family members of the deceased took care of their dead loved ones via altars in their homes or in a certain location within a town. Recently deceased relatives received offerings of food and other items. During holiday times, the relatives were also included in the holiday meal times.

In ancient Rome during the Festival of Parentalia, family members visited the cemetery and drank wine and ate cake. This was shared with the deceased.

So as you can see, the thought that deceased relatives come around during holiday times has been a fixture in some cultures for many years. So it really isn't a stretch to think that in this modern day and age, our deceased relatives do return for special occasions. And we shouldn't be afraid of the times that they do return.

After all, if the psychics are right, then, our relatives are simply enjoying their time with us just as they always have and we can take comfort in knowing that they are there for us.

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